Cleaning Tips


We clean an area using non-toxic cleaning supplies and elbow grease. We usually clean starting in one corner of the room and moving in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction, cleaning from the top to the bottom, this way there is less chance of missing areas.

We adhere to the following to maintain a sparkling clean home

  • Pick up all clutter items off floors counter tops and table and put in their proper place.
  • Remove all cobwebs from the ceiling, walls, light fixtures, skylights, and fans.
  • Starting from the top and with a downward motion, dust all shelves, hanging art work, windowsills, tabletops, counter tops and baseboards; preferably with a high quality feather duster then a damp vinegar rag or sponge.
  • With a damp vinegar rag or sponge wipe down all cabinets and appliances including stove, refrigerator, coffee pot, toasters and other appliances.
  • With bonami/peroxide mixture clean out toilet bowl, shower/tub and sinks. Wipe down the rest of the sink, bowl and tub with vinegar rag, make sure to include sink handles spigots and plugs.
  • With damp vinegar rag or sponge wipe all light switches and door handles.
  • With a damp vinegar rag or sponge wipe all walls and baseboards.
  • Last but not least vacuum all carpets floors and furniture and mop hard surfaces.

“Arcata Cleaning Company has been a responsible, reliable, compact cleaning team of lovely mavens swooping in to thoroughly cleanse our home with healthy natural products and joyous dispositions! Thank goodness for hard workers with lovely hearts and presence!”

Anne Diamond